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To make your own all you need is wafers and chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate.The above caffeine level reflects the amount in 4 sections or a complete 1.5 oz Kit Kat bar.Brand: description kit kat wafer bars are the chocolate bar with snap in every delicious bite.

Ann Reardon, a food scientist and dietitian with an ironic obsession for unhealthy desserts, started the very successful blog How To Cook That back in 2011 to showcase her homemade cakes, cookies, and chocolate creations.Kitkat chocolate bars products are most popular in Southeast Asia, Mid East, and Africa.With the delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate and light crispy wafers, Kit Kat Big Kat Wafer Bars are fun to eat and perfect for sharing.

Yes, Kit Kat is known around the world for its many innovative special editions, and perhaps a candy bar that comes in every flavor from sweet potato to ruby chocolate has a special interest in.

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Kit Kat Brownies Are the Easiest Way to Upgrade Your Fave Dessert Kit Kat Sushi Is A Real Thing, Apparently These Kit Kats Are Missing One Seriously Important Ingredient.This is one that is commonly found in the grocery store checkout line candy section. It is 1.5 ounces package pictured above.I must have been really excited to share this post with you yesterday because while I was in the early stages of writing the post, I decided to hit publish instead of save draft.

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All the candy bar wrappers are from candy that I actually ate.Frost the cake generously so that the cream holds the Kit Kat well but the frosting itself can be the most unpretty sight and no one would ever know.

Named Mega Giganta Kat, by its creator, this calorie bomb has over 72,000 calories.

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She missed school, has tons of work to catch up on, and watched hours and hours of Netflix.The best part comes at the end with her handmade wrapper for the massive candy bar.

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It was really no big deal and I quickly marked the post as private and it disappeared from my blog. Whew. Well, 10.Now, this nostalgic summer staple is making its way into the Kit Kat world.

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The trick is the white chocolate base, which serves as a fleeting messenger from pear-ville.The sugar content of this Kit Kat is 21 grams per package (four wafers).

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Lose weight by tracking your caloric intake quickly and easily.

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Breaking off a piece of that Kit Kat bar gets a lot more difficult when the whole thing weighs 13 pounds.

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This is equivalent to approximately 1.6 tablespoons of sugar.Kit Kat Bar The marketing genius of this song is that not only are the first three bars totally hum-able, but that the last bar lands the product name in a way matched neither before nor since.I swear, Netflix Watch Instant is the...